A slight pivot in thought

Curious Change Catalyst: "Hi Pia! I Just saw your post about Qvest considering to expand also into consulting/advisory territory. How exciting, and also a bit divergent from where I heard you were thinking when we met!  I would love to hear more about why the slight pivot in thought."

Me: "Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you could say it's a slight pivot in thought. Thanks for letting me explain 🤓

When I invented Qvest 13 years ago I was working as a strategy consultant, and I desperately needed a tool like Qvest.

Using the tool made me dream of a world where companies don't need external consultants because the tool unleashes all the energy and insight the organization needs to develop by itself.

I still have that dream!

However, the past couple of years have taught me that most companies (more accurate: most leaders) are not quite ready to let go of their consultants, and when we collaborate with the best consultants out there I understand why.

So, instead of fighting the consultants, we've decided to build a community of what you could call self-disruptive consultants who use the Qvest technology to empower responsible organizations.

I hope it makes sense?"

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