Curiosity at work

Why didn't you tell me? Is it because you didn't know?

If that's the case, I'm honored to be the one to tell you that curiosity comes in different shapes and colors.

In fact, one kind of curiosity can be so different from another kind of curiosity that one curious person can confuse another curious person with someone who is not curious at all.

Take me - The Question Ideologist. I'm one of the most curious people I know. Or at least, that's what I used to think.

But after reading The State of Curiosity Report 2018 by Merck Group, I realize that maybe that's not true. Maybe I know a lot of people who are way more curious than I am. Maybe we just have different ways of being curious.

"Gaining great pleasure from recognizing and seeking out new knowledge and information at work", for instance - that's NOT my kind of curiosity.

But "recognizing a gap in knowledge and pondering abstract or complex ideas to try to solve the problem" and "willingness to embrace the anxiety and discomfort that come from exploring the new, unfamiliar and uncertain" - THAT's me!

The thing is, that before I read the report, I only recognized my own way of being curious as curiosity. But now, I'm curious:

What's your kind of curiosity?

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