🎄🗓 – Dec 23: Who should ask the next question?

"Good morning class. Please sit down. I am your new teacher Miss Stacey. I want to begin by saying that I think it's most unfair that the teacher should always have to ask all the questions. And I'm hoping that you will be so enthusiastic about my classes that you will pepper me with questions!"

For as long as I can remember, I have spent the holidays watching "Anne Of Green Gables". I have watched the show at least 20 times. And yet I have never noticed the scene in which Anne's teacher, Miss Stacey, introduces herself in this way.

She is right. The teacher should not ask all the questions. Nor should the journalist, leader, consultant, coach, parent or anyone else.

It's unfair.

Not only because no one always knows what's important to ask, but also - as Miss Stacey says - because asking questions is closely related to being engaged.

So, when people ask me WHAT to ask and HOW to ask questions that encourage engagement, I encourage them to put their own questions on hold and instead ask themselves:

WHO should ask the next question?

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