Did COVID-19 make us more human?

The beauty of uncertainty — like doubt, wonder and curiosity — is that the minute we accept them as indisputable aspects of life, we instinctively turn toward each other.

Uncertainty makes us reflect on what’s important — to ourselves, each other and the world we share. It fosters questions like:

Who do I want to be — as a leader, parent, human? And do I have to change anything in the way I think and act to become this better version of myself?

How do we want to communicate and collaborate — as a team, organization, society? And do we need new ways of working to improve our interaction?

What impact do we want to have — on our customers, industry, society, the globe? And do we have to change our focus and priorities to have this impact?

These kinds of questions, and the reflection they give rise to, is what makes us human.

So, maybe we've become a little more human thanks to COVID-19?

From my article, What McKinsey gets wrong about uncertainty, May 2020.

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