The questions that are never asked

"Is agile the right thing for us right now?"

I help large companies collect and analyze the questions their employees ask each other. But to be honest, I'm more curious about the questions employees do NOT ask.

I look for things that cannot be questioned because those are the things that prevent us from learning, innovating and evolving.

I am currently working with three of the most successful companies in Europe. Two Danish and one German.

Working with these companies confirms my belief that the reason they are so successful is that their employees ask brave questions - such as:

“We hear about big transformations, many challenges, everybody needs to be ready for change...and so on. Can you give me one good and concrete example of what kind of benefits our customers can expect?”

Successful executives respond to such questions with great gratitude. But what about the questions that are never asked?

When I look at tens of thousands of questions across hundreds of different companies, I miss questions such as:

- Is agile the right thing for us right now? - and
- Should we pause the digital transformation?

Are these the same questions that are hard to ask (out loud) in your organization? Or would you add some to the list?

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