🎄🗓 – Dec 2: Why do we answer questions with questions?

Today’s question is a response to yesterday’s question: Why are you angry?

Marianne Fink wrote:

“When reading this question, I think of my children. When they were younger, this would be the type of question that they would ask and my fast answer would always be the same – I’m not angry! And just as fast I would fire right back at them – why do you think I’m angry? And that brings about another question – why is it that we so often answer questions with questions?”

I love it 💛

Probably because this way the questioning never ends 🤓

Thank you so much for contributing to The Curious Christmas Calendar, Marianne. And to the rest of you: You can contribute too!

All you have to do is write a comment on LinkedIn where you:

  1. Answer today’s question: Why do we answer questions with questions?, or
  2. Share a question you recently heard answered with a question

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