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You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the best way to ensure impact is to turn your organization into a collective reflection space where everyone asks each other questions.

You might even think that reflection:

🚫  Prevents quick decisions and actions
🚫  Makes people focus on themselves
🚫  Increases the strategy execution gap
🚫  Weakens your position and impact

But it’s actually the other way around.

The less time people in your organization spend reflecting and asking questions, the less they align with one another on what’s important, and the greater the risk that they are busy doing things that have no impact.

Working with Teija Saari and her team in GRUNDFOS and Søren Sjøgren and his fellow officers at Forsvarsakademiet, I learned that collective reflection spaces are the key to:

🌿  Quicker and better decision making
🌿   More collaboration across teams
🌿  Local anchoring of strategic decisions
🌿  Strategic alignment and global impact

Too busy to reflect on how to do that?

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