What is your 2021 mission?

For me it's simple: New Year - Same mission.

I have spent 20 years researching the nature and impact of questions.

📚  I have made philosophical studies of how the understanding of questions has changed from Socrates to Derrida.

🧒 🧒🏻 🧒🏾  I have made observational studies of the different ways questions are used in Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Danish school classes.

🏭  I have collected and analyzed more than 20,000 questions exchanged among leaders and employees in hundreds of organizations.

The good news is that we all know how to ask questions.

The bad news is that the tools leaders use to understand and develop our companies and communities systematically prevent large populations of people from asking questions.

I have dedicated my professional life to changing that 💛

P.s. I have updated my LinkedIn profile to make sure you know how to find me if you agree that Questions = Magic ✨

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