Are leaders less curious?

I know a lot of executives are more busy than other people, but are they also less curious?

Part of my job is to help companies analyze their Qvest data. I love everything about it! Reading all the questions and answers. Looking for patterns. Benchmarking with other companies. Extracting recommendations.

Across all the Qvest-data I have analyzed I see one clear tendency: The people who receive the most questions ask the fewest questions themselves.

In one recent case 4 people received 29% of the total number of questions or 24 questions. They only asked 4 questions themselves.

Why is that?

Are people who receive a lot of attention from other people (usually executives) less curious than other people? Or are they just too busy dealing with other people's questions to cultivate their own?

How does it affect organizations that executives consider it their job to ANSWER questions but not to ASK questions? And would it change anything if they systematically and regularly gave themselves the task of asking 10 different questions to 10 different people in their organization?

I have so many questions...

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