πŸŽ„πŸ—“ – Dec 14: What is the best way to pique curiosity?

I must admit: I have not heard this question on the radio. Nor has it been submitted by one of you. This is MY question.

I want to be part of making a more curious, creative and collaborative world, but the thing about curiosity, creativity and collaboration is that it takes a village.

Or, at least SOMETHING to be curious about and SOMEONE to create and collaborate with 😊 πŸ’› 😊

I'm lucky to have both. I'm obsessively curious about questions, and I have a wonderful network.

I build Qvest with an amazing team. I collect comments on LinkedIn (I also like likes, but I looove comments). And right now I co-create The Curious Christmas Calendar with everyone who loves questions πŸŽ„

I'm lucky. And yet I want more.

More curiosity. More creativity. More collaboration.

So, tell me: What is the best way to pique curiosity?

Is it to prompt people to ask "what if...?" questions (as my favorite curiosity expert, Francesca Gino, says is one of her favorite tricks)? Is it to prompt people to ask any kind of questions (as I tend to do πŸ€“)?

Or is it something else?

Please write a comment on LinkedIn where you:

  • Share your favorite trick on how to pique curiosity, or
  • Tag people who pique your curiosity

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