🎄🗓 – Dec 15: When is a good time to do a questionnaire?

"Pia, isn't this your second day in a row using questionnaires? ;) I thought you disliked them for a reason."

Malik is right. Last week I did something I rarely do. I did a poll. Twice 😱

Malik is also right in that I dislike questionnaires – and that I dislike them for a reason. You see, questionnaires:

  • Turn people into respondents = someone who reacts instead of being proactive
  • Limits people's opportunity to focus on the things they consider important
  • Prevent people from interacting with each other

In my work as a philosopher, executive advisor and tech founder, I spend 99 % of my time encouraging people to be proactive, focus on the things they consider important and use technology that is designed to create dialogue and shared responsibility.

But 1 % of the time I feel certain I know what's important to ask. And when that's the case I don't encourage dialogue.

I do a questionnaire.

To contribute to today's door, please write a comment on LinkedIn where you:

  1. Answer today's question: When is a good time to do a questionnaire?, or
  2. Share a question you feel certain is important to ask
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