Polls must die

We still don’t know who the winner of the US election will be. But it’s obvious that democracy is the loser. No one trusts anyone – and why would they? Everything we thought we knew about Biden’s significant lead has turned out to be wrong.

Polls lead to poor predictions and that lead people to lose trust in their politicians, the media and others who use polls to draw conclusions and make decisions.

It's not about Trump versus Biden. It's about people losing faith in anything but their own instinct. Democracy is eroding, and it’s not only because the political debate has gotten worse. It’s also because the tools politicians and media use to understand what’s important to people haven’t gotten better.

Trump has his own way to make people feel heard.

Please let this election be a wake up call for the rest of us to replace polls with tools that engage people in meaningful conversations and make it possible for decision makers to actually LISTEN to what matters to people.

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