Questions as a change tool

How does your company deal with the questions COVID-19 is raising?

You probably agree that there is not one answer to all the questions companies are struggling with right now. But do you also agree that the answers lie in the questions?

If you do I would love to discuss my COVID-19 deck with you and your team. It's titled “Questions as a change tool”, and I have discussed it with lots of inspiring people in lots of innovative companies.

Some tune in on my keynotes for leaders, IT directors, change managers, and communication professionals. Others ask me to help their Top 50, Strategy- or Transformation team leverage the power of questions in their organization.

In 45 minutes we talk about:

  • Why there is a need for new change and leadership tools
  • Why questions are key to the problem with existing leadership tools
  • Why questions are key to empowering organizational transformation
  • How leaders use Qvest to cultivate a shift in mindset and behaviour

We all have questions we don’t know how to answer. If you want to know how to turn them into a powerful change tool, I would love to hear from you 💛

See video from a webinar with Nordic leaders.

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