"Wait a minute! Do we even know if this will work?"

Leaders: “We’ve decided to make a new strategy”
Employees: “Nice. In the meantime, we’ll keep things running”

Leaders: “We’re ready to tell you about the new strategy”
Employees: “Okay. We’re pretty busy, so please keep it short”

Leaders: “Now we expect you to execute the strategy!”
Employees: “Wait a minute! Do we even know if this will work?”

Leaders: “We can’t wait to see how much this will improve everything!”
Employees: “Hmm… I wouldn’t count on it”

I’ve seen A LOT of models of what leaders go through when a company launches a new strategy.

I haven’t seen a model of what employees go through.

So, I made one that shows both. It’s a simple four-step model on how to reach important goals. Together.

The model shows the four phases from both a leadership and employee perspective. It also includes recommendations for what to do to ensure leaders and employees are strategically aligned.

Comment ‘Together’ on LinkedIn and I’ll send it to you.

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